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27 March 2007 @ 12:51 am
armor finishing tests  
Almost done with supplies. I put in an order today with Douglas and Sturgess, where I finally managed to find everything I wanted from one place - Magic Smooth for finishing the horns, cheaper aluminum wire (for framework), and Fosshape. It's not Fosshape - it's actually Fuzzform, which is a much better name imho. ;P But it appears to be the same thing; they also carry Varaform, which is the higher-end version of Wonderflex (I don't know if its properties are different).

Just to prove there are fabric-related things happening too . . . lol. Silver trim for the tunic, plus gold trim on a test piece pointy bit. The cording next to it is for the swirly detailing. The white fabric is "ultra satin"; I accidentally overbought for Yuuko's kimono and I think it will work well for this. It's lined with some kind of miscellaneous rayon I found, very lightweight but with a nice feel, sort of like a silky muslin. I have to work on the technique to get the placement on the trim - you can't sew it down the middle because of the metallic strip. The part where it's right against the edge, I tried sewing along the inner edge of the trim (the right side, I was sewing along the outside edge).

Finished up the tests on finishing the Wonderflex today. Problem: finding material(s) to do detailing and cover the texture of the Wonderflex that will still bend (and therefore not crack).

Pics with just primer, it shows the surface a little better since it's not reflective (or white). I'm not sure I needed the primer, but whenever you're painting plastic it's a good idea. If you want to see a larger version, just drag the pic to your nav bar and remove the "SM" and you'll get a 640x480. Too lazy to make all the links.

Raised areas are hot glue, if you couldn't tell. Separate experiment. Far left: unfinished. Center: Mod Podge. Far right: plastic wood.

Better shot of the unfinished. Lower corner is acrylic caulk I applied with a toothpick. (What, it was on the shelf, I figured I'd try it.)

With silver paint, did about four light coats.

Plastic wood. I didn't sand.

The Mod Podge section. This was about 4-6 coats.

The section with no finishing. Metallic paint probably makes the texture stand out the most.

The acrylic caulk again. Kind of interesting but not what I was going for.

I might investigate other options for other types of armor, but in this case, I want it to be a bit organic so I was pleased with the results I got with the Mod Podge. (The other armor things I'm going to be doing in future for other costumes, I probably will have to graduate from "user friendly" materials like Wonderflex anyway.)
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Zetsuboutenshinoitami1 on March 27th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC)
I was thinking the mod podge was the best too, it looked pretty smooth and looked nice with the hotglue