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03 April 2007 @ 01:17 am
croissants covered in butterscotch  
My art supplies order came today, with my Fuzzform, the aluminum wire (so I can finally make the frames to start the springbok horns), and the Magic Smooth. I covered the ram horns with Magic Smooth tonight; so more on that tomorrow when I've seen it cured. You'll also be getting the Adventures in Wig Dyeing story tomorrow probably.

Mm, croissants. Um actually I cover my wireforms in masking tape as a base for the papier mache . . . there's probably a better way to do it, but I haven't had much success on shapes like this with wire sheet.

Boot covers, assembled and with wacky glue action. I made the piece which will attach them to the shoes already, but I can't put it on until they're painted and everything.

This is the plastic headdress form I bought from the feather company. Already started drawing some placement on but I haven't removed the visor bit yet. The thing it's on is a wooden hat block, I'm not sure where it came from; but it's closer in shape and size to a human head than a wig head.

Paper mockup for the additional pieces taped on to the form. I stuck my references folder and my doodle of various pieces of the headpiece in the shot since they were nearby anyway.

Muslin for the jacket; I cut the pieces much longer, put it on the dressform, and freehanded the curved sections with a chalk pencil. Then I took it off so I could lay it flat against something hard so I could clean up the lines in pencil. Then a lot of back and forth to and from the dressform, then retraced in pen and then cut off the excess when I was happy with it.

Incredibly dorky-looking photo of the additional headpiece sections (in Wonderflex) before forming.

Speaking of weird-looking, here's the pattern for the jacket sleeve. o_O;

Tomorrow is going to be my last day for a bit with weather suitable for spraying. The boot caps just need a light sand and they'll be ready for paint, although I'm still having some issue as to whether to put some small gems near the tip (and when to put those on so I don't have problems with paint). The other Wonderflex pieces are still in the Mod Podge stage, but I can hopefully get them primed by the end of tomorrow as well. It would be nice to get the paint on, but we'll see.

I haven't really figured out how I'm going to set up to do the silk painting for the the train once those supplies arrive. They were supposed to come today but didn't. As far as what I'll do pending better weather, I've got the horns, the silk painting, and the actual sewing. >_o So I guess I shouldn't worry about keeping busy, anyway.
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The fluffy temptation of wheat: beansresin_ga_miteru on April 3rd, 2007 08:34 am (UTC)
Mad sketching skillz! I are jealous!

The bootcovers look really cool. Can't wait to see them painted, for they now look like a snail crawled all over them. XD As for the gems, put them on after painting, but sand the spot they'll be attached so the glue has some gription.