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07 April 2007 @ 01:26 am
more progress  
Part two, I figured the wig dyeing should be its own post. Lots of miscellaneous progress photos and some discussion of working with the Magic Smooth. It's brilliant stuff, but I think it should be renamed Magic Mess. >_o

Traced pieces for top of boot covers, Wonderflex to be covered with vinyl.

Fuzzform section of the headpiece, with my heat gun. The Fuzzform is somewhat harder to work with than Wonderflex. It feels like a wool felt; when you heat it, the fibers draw together like cotton candy getting wet. The more you heat it, the more it becomes stiff and hard.

Butterscotched croissants, otherwise known as the ram horns, along with a test horn (for screwing around on) and part of the headpiece I wanted a different finish on. Thinner areas of Magic Smooth dry clear, so you can see the mache layer (the white areas).

The method I finally figured out for mixing the Magic Smooth. They claim the stuff is like Vaseline; it's not. I finally figured out what it is - it's exactly like caramel apple caramel. Since it's a two-part epoxy, you have one tub of resin and one of hardener; nothing happens until you mix them together (1:1, or 50/50). One plastic spoon for resin, one for hardener, and a third to mix them in disposable plastic cup. It's not terribly toxic, but it's better to work with gloves because it's SUCH a mess - better to throw out gloves than have to get it off your hands (though it does come off with soap and water). When you get your fingers wet, it does get nice and smooth. If you get too much, it gets way too slippery to work with and you have to wait for it to dry out some. The working time is about 2 1/2 hours; full cure in 24 hours, at which point it's pretty much "rock hard" and can be worked with power tools. Similar feel to fiberglass; solid but very lightweight.

Mod Podge-ing two of the headpiece sections and the front jacket armor.

Primed boot caps. I did some more work on them after this.

First section of the wire forms for the headpiece horns. There's an extended part of the wire that goes through holes punched into the plastic; it's hard to describe, I'll have to take a photo of the inside.

Horn frames, with more wire on. There's smaller gauge aluminum wire; one continuous piece that does the other two sides, and then another continuous piece that wraps around and up it. I use a very fine gauge wire to wrap around it to attach them to each other.

Mached frames.

Frames wrapped in some nylon cording I had around to form the base for the ridges. I intended to mache over this layer, but it caused the paper to rip; so I went straight over it with Magic Smooth.

Magic Smooth layer one. I'm pretty sure I will do a secondary layer to fix some minor details. It took about an hour and a half to get these covered.

One of my head flowers o.o In the pic his look blue, but I couldn't find any blue-tinted ones I liked. This one was pink; I painted it with watercolors. >_o

Silk painting test, a scrap of the silk I'm working with, a 12mm habotai. The train is already cut out and partially sewn. The gray areas are the resist. The darkest blue patch is Dye-na-flow, to compare to the Tinfix Sennelier dye I'm going to use. The blobby bad-looking bit, I tried putting Dye-na-flow over the Tinfix to see what it would do. The rest is various tests, which colors work over which. There will probably be more on the silk painting in the next few days if you are interested in further details; I have to run some other tests and may have to switch resist types.
Zetsuboutenshinoitami1 on April 7th, 2007 06:43 am (UTC)
um your second picture you posted a pic of teh pink extensions from yoru wig dying tests >>
cosplaysagacosplaysaga on April 7th, 2007 06:48 am (UTC)
nerr fixed it >_o
Zetsubou: jun- pwn youtenshinoitami1 on April 7th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
This is all very very interesting to read and what come to life. You are testing things I have only hear about but never knew anyone who actually did to ask about it. I like watching this because it may help me with future projects.

and those horns looks really cool o.o
the flower is pretty
syker6: pic#104309120syker6 on July 24th, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
hey the flower was really nice really nice painting job and the horns are awesome, where can i buy magic smooth?