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21 April 2007 @ 12:46 am
miscellaneous bits update  
I had two largely unproductive days when I had no clue if I was having to leave town or not (meaning I was unsure what I should work on) and my dog was sick. Today I had my first day of mostly sewing. Tomorrow, ryuk_inprogres is coming out again so there should be lots more random photos soon. Especially since most of what I'm working on has moved forward but I forgot to take photos of it, lol. I was going to post a photo of the tassels but I think I will wait until I have some photos of how I'm making them for your reference.

Number of things in this photo . . . mostly of stuff where I was working with Magic Sculpt - the gray material. Version 2 of the center piece for the headpiece is magic sculpt over existing Wonderflex piece, also did the tips for the horns out of it (I can get them pointier that way; it's like clay). Also version 1 of the petal piece for the headdress, which is now just a random test sample. It got distorted in drying because it wasn't on a frame and is now too narrow. Doh.

Petal piece version two :P Made in two separate sections for better control forming the lower bits. I also did it over the headpiece, getting rid of the distortion it has by stuffing it full of plastic bags. (Yes, I did melt some plastic bags with the heat gun while forming it.)

Advantage of Fuzzform - even after some heating it's possible to sew through it. Attached wire to keep it from being distorted when I Magic Smooth it (which I will likely remove before doing the back).

The bane of my headpiece - the "diamond shaped things that I can't tell what they are". I've seen one Japanese fanartist picture of Orlouge also and they clearly had no clue either. Unfortunately, you can't scribble something vague in three dimensions. So I sort of followed the shape of the cutout at the bottom but I decided the top part should be wings. I may have an unhealthy obsession with the idea of headwings.

Basically done horn. Still needs sanding and paint. But I did the tip and leveled the bottom edge with Magic Sculpt, repaired some air bubbles with second coat of Magic Smooth in places that needed it.

Front of the boot cover. It's much closer to done now but I forgot to take photos. This stage is just Wonderflex, sealed with some Mod Podge. I brushed on Gem Tac and then put stretch PVC over that. When I did the smaller "fan" pieces for the top of it, I didn't seal it first with the Mod Podge; the PVC is thin and more of the texture of the Wonderflex showed than I'd like. Getting this curve was a pain - I had to keep reheating the piece around my leg to get it to take such an extreme bend and conform properly to things like the ankle bone (at the bottom).

Boot caps again. I tried using this paint called "Ice" - a color-shifting paint from a line called Duplicolor Mirage. Very awesome stuff, and totally not the color I wanted. Genius that I am, I assumed the website picture was accurate and didn't notice that the cap color looked the way the paint actually came out. So I have to spray over it. The gems are masked, incidentally, with rubber cement. It worked in the test, so I really hope it worked.

Posterboard pattern pieces for the shoulder armor. I got rough estimates for the length of the pieces by measuring along the reference drawing and using the multiplication factor I figured out. (Which is 9, btw; gotten by measuring Orlouge's chest in the drawing and comparing that to my own chest width - since it has to be in scale with me, also, not just be full size.)

Pieces bent down the middle and assembled with brads so I could tell if it was how I wanted.

First stage of the Fuzzform armor pieces getting heated. Temporarily attached to each other and the over-shoulder piece with brads again. They were trimmed some and then heated again off the form to fine-tune.

There is always something you don't think of. I sort of forgot that the pieces had to be attached to something in the BACK as well. Even though I figured out there had to be a hard piece across the neck and back to hold up the jacket (real people can't do without gravity). So, added two of these pieces - one for each side. I also have a line marked to cut down the neck piece, it came up too high in back and prevented head movement. I'm going to have a stiff neck from the wig and headpiece anyway, no reason to make it worse.

Jacket pattern pieces (disassembled muslin) laid out . . . I did not take out the princess seam in the front because I don't really want it. Princess seams and bust darts are for "girly curves", so I hate having them in garments for male cosplay. It doesn't lie completely flat but it's close enough.

This is a photo illustrating a stupid mistake. lol. Having garments that come to some kind of point out of a seam (when they require lining) is a pain - largely because you have to remember to include the exact SAME seam allowance on the point as in the seam. I forgot my muslin didn't have this until after I cut the center back. Fortunately I had enough fabric to recut that piece and for the others I just drew a seam allowance freehand on the fabric with pencil. :P
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