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23 April 2007 @ 01:15 am
cosplay: so much fun it needs its own dimension  
Please note that you are only getting two photos with me in them because ryuk_in_progres will probably beat me about the head with a dead carp if I don't post them.

I have a horn and I'm not afraid to use it . . .

Resin dust is toxic and it was windy, thus the highly fashionable headgear. :P

systema. Note the paraphernalia of cosplay: sewing machine, fabric scraps, respirator, vinyl fabric (medication not related), armor pieces, caffeinated beverages, and strawberry-flavored junk food . . .

When I was doing the fabric painting for my Yura costume I needed a way to cover the table and wound up using plastic tablecloths we had around. They work quite well for covering large areas; they're fairly heavy and cheap. But this one comes with so much fun it requires its OWN DIMENSION.

Fuzzform armor pieces laid out on tablecloth, waiting to have Magic Smooth put on the outside. The wire pieces are to keep the not-that-stiff Fuzzform from distorting or collapsing; I'm still not 100% sure if the pieces will have maintained the shape to fit properly. I had some trouble figuring out how to find the right length for the wire crosspiece so my mother and systema figured out a way to do it.

Other pieces awaiting Magic Smooth . . . for the counter I use wax paper, though this time I had the sense to use masking tape to hold it to the counter so it wouldn't slide while I was working.

Move along, nothing to see here . . . ¬.¬;

Actually I can point out that I use a popsicle stick like a butter knife to get the Magic Smooth on generally, then dip my finger in water (have to keep doing it) and level and smooth it that way. If you do it right, you can get a glossy finish without any sanding, but that's very difficult over a large area.

This is from tonight, cured pieces. I am nearly at the bottom of my 4lb kit of Magic Smooth. I found a 7-spoonful (each of resin and hardener; 14 total) batch went about two and a half armor pieces, so I had to mix three times to cover the pieces I was working on, and left out the upper shoulder/neck piece. If I want to finish the inside edges, I have to buy more. I'm not sure whether to do that or not; only a small part of the inside will show, and it doesn't necessarily have to have the same finish; the concept of the armor is somewhere between fabric and metal.

Boot cover front . . . I'm not really happy with the top bit (it's also missing part of the front design, just haven't put it on yet). Those larger pieces to the side of the center piece have been giving me a lot of trouble. But I'm not sure I can do anything, since I ultimately had to super glue it. Upholstery vinyl is amazing - virtually no glue will stick to it well. I tried hot glue, E-6000, and Gorilla Glue; only the Super Glue set relatively quickly AND held well to the right side of the vinyl.

Somewhat non-illustrative paint test. I will have to see how it looks in daylight. Test horn piece; black base with "Gold Shimmer" paint over top (Design Master is the brand I think); it's supposed to be translucent. A green metallic Rustoleum paint on Fuzzform with Magic Smooth over part of the area on the left, and over just heated Fuzzform on the right. The left piece I did Gold Shimmer over also. I'm happy with that for the armor.

I placed my last order for this costume tonight (unless I decide to order more Magic Smooth, which I'm thinking I will). But anyway I have makeup on the way; you have to have very pessimistic lead time on any ordering you're doing for a costume, which is why I'm worrying about makeup now. I wanted a somewhat unusual color for eyeshadow that I was able to find at and I also wanted very pale foundation and a white loose powder.
Current Music: SIXty∞NINe - D'espairsRay
Baileystrawberrygoth on April 23rd, 2007 06:44 pm (UTC)
Everything is looking sexy! I particularly like the long horns. The ridges look really good.