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02 July 2007 @ 01:28 am
the sanding never ends  
I'm not even sure if I want to think about what isn't done yet *shoulderarmoromfg*, so I'm going to share what IS done, or is in the process of getting done.

The train and white skirt are in fact nearly 100% (both need waistbands put on, some decorative stuff), but I don't have photos today.

Tunic is done . . . closes with a separating zipper, I could have done an invisible one but on a costume with so many pieces I wanted ease over look - it's under a ton of stuff. I'm not hemming it either, just doing a serged bottom - it will keep it smoother since it's got to be tucked in. It's got a fake lining in muslin because white satin is see-through. It'd take an entire post to describe all the reasons why I don't like working with white fabric.

Closeup of the design . . . it's kind of a weird trim, it's got a white center with metallic "threads" braided around it. I picked it because it's less "solid" looking than a braid or cord but it takes curves better than soutache (which I can't get in silver anyway). Putting it on was honestly a bitch - it seemed simple, aside from being time-consuming (it's by hand with metallic thread, which likes to break), but then I couldn't get the Sulky Sticky off because it had been on too long. You have no idea what I went through to get that stuff (and the adhesive residue it left) off of this. :P I came very close to remaking the whole thing.

The boot caps are at 100%, unless I count trimming off the excess felt. You can't see the color effect I did over the silver, I'm not sure if it will ever show in photos, but it's actually iridescent green, blue, and red. Obviously they're designed to go over the boots with elastic.

I have some major frustrations with the armor I'm not going to go into . . . mostly related to designing it so it could break down into sections for transport. But I was able to get holes drilled in one half (this is for the right side) tonight. Hard to hold it in place, I have a ton more work to do yet but at least the pieces DO fit together . . . (it was a close call).

Armor piece that will be attaching to the jacket, most of the way done . . . it's waiting to get gold detail on it, sealant, and the triangular bits glued in place. (The gems are masked until all that is done.)

How to Make Holes in resin-coated Fuzzform . . . start a guide hole with a pin vise (top), then go at it with a hand drill. I'm not using a Dremel because I couldn't get the right bits, and our real drill is very large and heavy. Hand tools are highly underrated anyway.

Tomorrow I have to start remaking the #3 (bottom) piece for the left side that came out deformed, and have a Resin Party probably tomorrow night to do as much more of the resin work as possible (including the neck piece, which I'm nervous about the deforming issue on). I hope my parents won't mind too much having a dressform in the kitchen for 24 hours . . .

Ram horns. The three larger horns started their paint job today, but it was cut off when I ran out of black spray paint. Already done the hardware store like three times in the past two days. The ram horns annoy me muchly, multiple goes of resin and sanding and they still look lumpy . . . >_< I'm already having arm/wrist pain from sanding (I'm doing some with Dremel tools, but you have to do most by hand) and I haven't even done the armor pieces yet . . .

I actually forgot about this for a while, until I remembered noticing it in the game . . . there's some piece of something that goes across the back of Orlouge's head. So this is my piece of something, partway through (I started painting, found rough spots, have to sand again and repaint).

Headwing thingies for the headpiece (to either side of the horns). Had to do really heavy sanding and found some places that didn't get enough resin so I have to add a teeny bit more to the fuzzy edges and then finish sanding. (Priming lightly is a really good way to tell what areas need work.)

Some pretty for sitting through all that (or best I can do.)
The game may not have cutting-edge graphics but you can still make up for that with good design . . .

Now you can see why in-game isn't much use XD; I'm going to look JUST LIKE THIS.
Current Music: You & I vs. The World - Ging Nang Boyz
Glarawen: ParnsAngelbyBeverly!parnsangel on July 2nd, 2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Youre going to be a blob of white spiky things! XD

Looking amazingly awesome, of course. Can't wait to see @.@