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06 July 2007 @ 02:25 am
still life with armor . . . err and flowers  

Okay so all the layers later . . . the horns are all done. Wireframe, masking tape (omg ghetto!), nylon cording, papier mache, two types of resin (the tips are Magic Sculpt), really tedious sanding followed by more resin (repeat several times), finally having it occur to me to try using the Dremel, realizing it leaves tool marks, more hand sanding, finally giving up and painting the dang things. XD And I only started them . . . *has to go look* AT THE END OF MARCH. X_X;;;

No one will be calling me Speedy McFast.

Horns getting sprayed. Primer first, then black (left) and then this stuff called "Shimmer Gold" - a spraypaint that's designed to cover badly, lol. The idea is it gives a dusting, not a solid coat. You can do the same thing with any paint, just go lighter, but this is a bit easier to control. Let's not talk about the fact that it took me longer to do the horns because I was spraying several things late in the evening and confused the Shimmer Gold can with the sealant can . . . >_o;

Uh starting to put some of the highlights on with the interference gold . . . it's a loose pigment powder. It's more intense over a similar color. You can mix it with a medium, or dust it on a tacky surface; but if the surface is rough, you can get it to stick as just the powder. I was applying it with q-tips (for heavier coverage) and a soft paintbrush (for a light dusting). The technique is totally stolen from blushing on BJDs.

Ram horns, left one just black and the right one has had some pigment powder put on (interference gold and red), and then a light coat of sealant. Same trick for BJDs, the dust needs a surface with some "tooth" to stick to, and doing layer of powder + sealant + layer of powder is the easiest way to build up color. Didn't have a matte spray coating around though.

Finished horns. Rather bad lighting >_o

Annnd the ram horns . . . you can see the red a bit, anyway.

Front armor pieces that go on the jacket, just needs the snaps attached, I have to buy some because I'm out of big ones. Added shimmer gold to the top, then did some of the pigment powder, sealant (lots), super glued the other gems in and removed the masking from the other two.

Ongoing very heavy work on the shoulder armor and the piece that's going to hold the whole shebang up, in addition to trying to get to the final sand on the remaining two headpiece sections (no photos of those).
I'm having some issues with the pieces defiantly remaining flexible enough to try to collapse in and become too narrow, so my Mighty Board is getting applied to yet another purpose. We found it in the garage, I have no idea where it's from, but it's already been an anvil, a flat place to hammer eyelets and set snaps, and a waraji loom.

Now, it's being used to hold the pieces the right distance apart while I put more resin on (I have to go in stages). My mother's conclusion was "Sydney opera house".

I left the flowers on the table because I thought it was festive. No explanation for the salt shaker.

Personally I think it's more like (bad) folk art.

I got in my order of extension hair today, I came up with an evil plan to (hopefully) easily set some extensions in the lower wig. I didn't want to dye it to get color streaks/blends like the top wig because it's against way too much white fabric for my comfort. I also finally caved and decided I'm remaking the tassels for the jacket (I know, I know); there was a dyeing incident which completely defies logic and physics and I'm just not wiling to settle after having worked on this for so long. (At least tassels are a no-brainer.)
Current Music: Popcorn Crabula - Man Or Astro-man?
Baileystrawberrygoth on July 6th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
Those horns are ULTIMATE SEXY!!
You know you have to "intimidate" me when I make Asellus right?