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16 July 2007 @ 01:28 am
the Devil's icing  
Having costume layers attached to each other is a good thing, because it means only one thing you have to keep adjusting instead of two. XD; I used to have an obsession with making things "realistic", and having garment pieces all be separate . . . I'm getting over that for practical reasons ^^;

So I decided the white part of the skirt was too plain . . . so I made stencils (which I forgot to take a photo of and I'm too lazy to go up and do it now). Roses are kind of Orlouge's theme or something so I picked that. There are four different rose stencils, and three roses on the front and then two on each side plus freehanded swirly things.

It's done with pearl medium, which isn't fabric paint. The bottle said to thin with water to use on fabric, but that left this awful ring around the design so I did it straight since I didn't have any fabric medium to mix it with. The fabric is rayon and not washable anyway.

Sorry for the photospam of this one part but it took a while and it barely shows in person lol. :P And just to make more pointless work for myself I put on sequins and beads.

I decided to put everything on the dressform mainly because I was trying to make an assessment about the (unfinished) um . . . thing below the cumberbund. (Armor? I dunno.)

Train in the back, which does have sequins on that probably don't show . . . I put ball chain into the hem to try to get it to flow right :X (GHETTO!) It took a really long time and made my fingers hurt (I shoved/pulled it through like elastic in a casing) but it drapes a lot better now XD; (The silk was too lightweight.)

Tassel. This is round two of the tassels, with the fine-tuned dyeing method. XP I used Dye-na-flow on them, diluted with water in a cup, squeeze out excess, allow to dry, repeat. I found out the first time it takes quite well and won't wash out with soap/water if it's allowed to air dry fully. It doesn't take to the all-synthetic metallic threads, but I thought that looked kinda nifty.

This is the piece in question . . . I'm not sure what it's supposed to be made out of from the pic, I didn't want it too stiff or it will poke me if I try to sit (probably still will). I tried aluminum initially and couldn't get the curve right. This is Fuzzform with craft foam over it and then leather. (The leather looked a totally different color online, though it does go with the outfit anyway . . . but I'm planning to put a bit of fabric paint on it also.)

Two questions about it:
1) Is it too wide top-to-bottom on the basis of
2) Does it look wonky? (I couldn't avoid some ripples when gluing it on.)

I'd rather NOT remake it since the leather is pricey, but I did buy it for this project.

Tomorrow night you should get headpiece progress, hopefully consisting of "Headpiece: 100%" (maybe that's too optimistic?). The armor progress is not currently interesting, since it consists of "sand sand sand . . . prime . . . lament lack of smoothness . . . sand sand sand" . . . and the boot top progress consists mostly of me swearing at them XD;
Current Music: 夜を駆ける - スピッツ
The fluffy temptation of wheat: katchooresin_ga_miteru on July 16th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC)
Dood, that's purtiful stuff!

I think the pointy thing is fine; not like anyone will whip out calipers and try to determine if you got the height/width ratio correct, although I will be doing just that and will nitpick you about it ceaselessly. Is it easily removable for sitting purposes?