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22 July 2007 @ 01:33 am
Calumon is brave . . . Calumon doesn't give up . . . Calumon . . . is toast.  
I should either be working or in bed, but my feet are really killing me from standing on the tile working on the longer wig (long story but it's getting a similar dye job to the headpiece wig) so I had to sit down for a couple minutes . . .

Yeah so . . . disaster kind of struck I guess. My emergency batch of Magic Smooth to finish the armor was defective. In hindsight, we've realized that the previous batch was probably also defective - I thought it seemed a little funny but assumed it was related to temperature/humidity. The stuff done with the FIRST batch, which was from a different supplier, is kind of night and day from the stuff done with the second batch; and the third batch? Not useable. No-doubt-about-it defective. And there is no way to order more in time; sanding nonstop for several days has availed little, even with the help of both my parents; and there is no time to mail order "Plan B" supplies. Two backup plans are shot down because of lack of drying time.

So I am facing up to the very real possibility of having to remake the armor in the next three days using a completely different method. Basically the resin may not be sanding well at all because it never fully cured - all the layers except the bottom-most may have faulty resin batch. Indents are too large for super glue, spackle doesn't get good finish; Orlouge probably doesn't shop at the Scratch-and-Dent Armory. My only other option is tomorrow morning to use the slightly dodgy 2-part resin from the hardware store. It sets up fine, but has the consistency of jar icing (hate that stuff, always use homemade) and may simply worsen the situation (lots of dodgy layers of resin does not equal one finished layer) . . .

. . . I love cosplay. I'm not actually sure why I'm not panicking. I suppose I shouldn't question that.