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22 May 2008 @ 12:50 am
Orlouge @ ACen '08, sort of  
I have been neglecting this journal because I haven't actually been making costumes. ^^; I only started again like . . . two weeks before Anime Central, and I haven't finished those new ones yet. But I will have some progress photos on those to share as soon as I have a chance to upload them. I also realized that there were comments from months ago I never replied to. D: I'm really sorry! I run my LJs from three separate browsers and it gets confusing. >_o I am, however, about to launch into my masquerade costume for SDCC this year, so except more epic angstwork for that at least.

I am hoping to finally do a proper shoot with Orlouge in a few weeks, fingers crossed that goes down, since I have to strongarm my brother into being my photographer. I *did* wear the costume at Anime Central, however (which I was hoping was for the video game group shoot but it got cancelled). A lot of people think the headpiece is really excruciating to wear because I don't move my head much, it's not very comfy (and it stays sore for a few days), but I mainly try to stay still so I don't forget that the horns stick out VERY far and take out someone's eye. ^^; I admit I haven't scoured the web for hallway photos, but for now you can have two silly ones my friends took. lol. Massively OOC FTW.

At one point people taking shots of me on one side of the hall and the Yatta guys on the other side were blocking the whole hall so I thought we should get a pic together. I think they were a little scared of me. XD;;; *was a little intimidated by them*

With my friend blood_sorbet looking freaking adorable in my Crack Lolita"Crazy Cheerios Lolita" costume. Someone in the hall shouted out "it's an explosion of pink!" which would have been a better name . . .

Heaven help me I know people were snapping photos without the boots on, when I was making a fabulous statement with white socks and sneakers - it was several blocks from the Embassy Suites to the Hyatt and I couldn't get to anywhere to put the boots on. (There may also be "can you hear me now?" Orlouge on cell shots.) Hah. But I did also get to crab-walk past Stevenson High's prom goers on the way back to the hotel. :) MY PROM OUTFIT IS BETTER THAN YOURS.
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