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Queen Morpho - initial breakdown

This post is public out of necessity for the moment, I'm going to lock it later and the progress posts will be locked, FYI. Sorry for two posts in the same night, I need to share this with some people I am getting opinions from. This is going to be my SDCC masquerade costume this year, which is original; I couldn't pick something else that I wanted to do and since anime conventions don't allow original, I thought maybe it was better. However, SDCC was running behind on confirmations so I did not hear until *last week* that I was in, leaving me with a terrifyingly short amount of time to finalize my design and complete my costume. Going original may be my savior because I can make changes out of necessity that I couldn't if I was following someone else's design . . . but I'm still really hoping I don't explode.

Character: The character concept is from a novel-y thing I am working on; the larger plot doesn't matter to this character so I won't go into it, the "codename" is Darkwood (most of my BJDs are from this story). This is going to be somewhat inelegant for the sake of brevity, but this is Queen Morpho, (former) ruler of . . . well, effectively it's the realm of nightmares. Basically all the nasty stuff knocking around in humans' heads actually exists there and is merrily carrying on its own existence. Or was merrily carrying on, until Morpho and her lover, Prince Idyll, have a vicious falling out. For reasons that are unclear to anyone, he makes a deal with a sorcerer to cut out his own heart and replace it with a clockwork one, effectively removing all his emotions and making his magic way more powerful in the process. Once he's done that, he can overthrow her - or very nearly, since she is currently still holding on to a small portion of her former lands. The ongoing battle of magic between them has ripped a huge chasm into their kingdom with a wall of storms above it. She is a very powerful and dangerous person - the type who would be cheerful, lighthearted, and "fun to be around" most of the time, but then cast you into a pit of unfathomable torment for overcrisping her toast.

This design sketch is largely called "oh snap I have to send something in with my entry". I was mostly okay with it for a while; right now I feel like I really need to "push it" and it's WAY too conventional and boring. At the moment it's sort of like a renfaire was in a terrible crash with Cirque du Soleil (not that I dislike Cirque); it should be more like what would happen if Guillermo del Toro's concept art people redid Labyrinth but it was seriously f-ed up (only in kind of an Art Nouveau way). o_O; The concept is movie, not anime, because . . . I do anime all the time, it's not like it's getting animated, it doesn't need to be. I simply haven't got the ability to get it to come out properly on paper and it helps to not just go from your head.

Random headshot, computer doodle that I never finished . . . maybe it's useful . . .

Skirt - I want to do this in two layers basically. Well technically three because it will need some kind of petticoat to support the weight properly, but that will be a support layer that I'm not thinking will show. (It could be visible as part of the design, but I'm not sure I want it to be.) The black lower section I wanted to do deconstructed with sections of a lot of different fabrics layered over each other, primarily sheers. The layer above I was thinking to use silk because it's a great fabric to work with for dyes and paints, it has great motion/draping/texture, and isn't that expensive considering. I couldn't color it how I wanted really so I just sort of did something, I actually was intending the black lines to be gold - there is a type of gutta that is metallic and designed to be permanent.

Corset - Nothing all that fancy really, it's a corset. I believe I had some concepts about what I was going to do with it but I've forgotten them so I have to think of something else. ^^; I don't want to overdesign it because it needs to be functional, but I don't want it to be boring. I think I had some idea about embroidery onto sheers and layering that over the base fabric.

Shirt - I dunno about the shirt. The shirt sort of has to be there, I really didn't want to do an integrated dress (I prefer separates). The sheer collar with the wire inserts was one of the first ideas I had for this. Now I'm concerned about it because it's REALLY in the way of much I can do with the wig. I may remove it completely and do some kind of thing in leather that wraps around the neck and part of the corset - sort of an organic bondage halter? I was thinking of doing ruching on the sleeves.

Chainmail skirt/choker - Yep. Chainmail. I wanted something sort of chaotic and open and I couldn't find a fabric; I also couldn't find a way to knit it how I wanted and I don't know how to knit anyway. Linking rings I can handle. I already have designed the basic linking pattern for it, I've also found my supplier; they carry a specialty element that's cut like a leaf, out of metal, that I'd like to incorporate.

Armor - I think I have to order a sample and see if my armor idea will even work. The leather I have right now I think is 6oz and I want 3-4oz because I want to do formed leather with more details than just a curve - I really want to do like, faces in it. I also had the idea of layering bits of metals over the rest of it - which would probably be etched, as if it was pieces of broken armor (defeated enemies?) repurposed. I just think having metal claws would be cool, I'm not sure how practical that is, I want to do something on my hands because I have very short nails and fake ones are really inconvenient.

Headpiece - Possibly my biggest worry. I don't know what the hell is going on with the headpiece. Originally I wanted a ram skull (not a real one), maybe carving designs into it, but I became concerned about some things with that and wound up going more fantasy/leather mask look in the drawing. I really like doing horns so even though I did them for Orlouge last year and maybe shouldn't do it again . . . I like horns. >_< And I do sorta know how to make them. I like the idea of some kind of horrid critter gnawing on her head . . . *omnomnomnom*

Wings - The wing design came from materials tests, basically "how can I use this technique" . . . I wanted wings but not feather wings or traditional fairy wings, so I tried making feathers. I think I'm going to use the technique but make them more like dragonfly wings sections; this is a test feather that shows sort of what it looks like, the edges will be burned and irregular. I was thinking to use copper piping as a base for the top of the frame but I want to build that up. Somehow. Of course, this is if I don't have to redesign the entirety of the wings because I can't get more of the right color films. x_X

Staff - Um . . . I have a thing for walking sticks and have failed to find a costume excuse to have one. Totally my only reason.

Miscellany - I'm probably doing silver or white for the wig, because I don't know what other color I want to do. Honestly I would LIKE to do something more interesting with it - I considered dreads, I considered adding braids or beading, I have no idea. I'm highly likely to dye some of it. The shoes aren't really going to show but I was hoping for some lace-front boots with a kitten heel. I would LOVE to do SFX contacts but can't due to my prescription - so I will have to make up for it with make-up. (:P ) I'm willing to do freaky stuff but I'm not sure what - Idyll actually has elf ears but I dunno if Morpho does . . .

Boring boring boring. I think I may have no imagination. x_x; I should not call them "costume breakdowns", that's inviting disaster XD; (I start every costume with a breakdown, and follow it with many more, lol.) Well, I guess if anyone artistic feels inspired to doodle something, or anyone has a "it'd be cool if..." type thought, throw it at me. I might not incorporate it, but who knows, maybe if someone says "I've always liked ____" . . . I'm sure people have seen more game designs than I have, more artists than I have; heck, I'm even jonesing for more inspiring music than I have because I have this weird feeling like I know what the costume should *sound* like but I don't have enough tracks.
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